About Cheptu

My name is Cheptu. I am a Practitioner and Student Analyst of Archetypal Dreamwork, a Music Therapist, an ordained Spiritual Care Giver, and a seeker of Ancestral Wisdom. You will find all of these disciplines  reflected in my blog. I hope you will be inspired by my NOW Journey Home.


 Independent Musician/Music Teacher (Piano, Voice, Choral and Musical Theatre)

Practitioner and Student Analyst at North of Eden (NOE) Center for Archetypal Dreamwork  (since 2009), Montpelier, Vermont

Musicality Guide for Archetypal Dreamwork Clients


Archetypal Dreamwork Analyst (in progress), NOE

Music Therapist-Board Certified

Ordained Minister, Presbyterian Church, U. S. A.

Kodaly Singing Educator’s Certification, Level I

Orff-Schulwerk Certification, Levels I and II

Reiki Training, Level I

PAST POSITIONS (selected):

 Music Educator, Public and Private Schools, Elementary Grades Choral and General Music

Clinical Chaplain and Church Minister

Music Therapist with Psychiatric, Forensic, Developmentally  Disabled Clients, and Children/Youth with Emotional Disorders

Clinical Training Director for Music Therapy, Georgia Regional Psychiatric Hospital, Atlanta, GA


 (1973-75)     Music Education/Piano, Winthrop College, Rock Hill, South Carolina

(1975-77)     Bachelor of Music, Music Therapy/Voice, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia

(1995-01)     Master of Music, Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia

(1996-02)     Master of Divinity with Honors, Psychology of Religion and Pastoral Care, Interdenominational Theological Center, Atlanta, Georgia

(2008-09)     Wisdom Studies and Indigenous Mind, Wisdom University, San Francisco, California


(2002)          Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE), Pastoral Counseling Center of Georgia at Atlanta Medical Center, GA

(2003-04)   CPE Residency, NewYork-Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center, New York, NY


(1999)   Traditional African Songs for Worship and Spiritual Practice in the American Diaspora, Atlanta, GA

(2000)   Musicology, History and Spirituality of Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Arkadelphia, AK

(2001)   Music and Spirituality: Spirituality Retreat for Church Women in Leadership, Pittsburgh, PA

(2001)   Music and Spirituality: Women of Color Conference, Kernersville, NC

(2003)   Influence of Music on Behavior: Intergenerational  Conference on Sexuality, Violence and Culture, Lithonia, GA

(2004)   Music, Storytelling, Healing: Pastoral Caregivers Seminar, New York, NY

(2006)   Gullah Shout Songs and African Liberation, Charleston, SC

(2011)   Music and Archetypal Dreamwork, Chewstick Lounge, Hamilton, Bermuda

(2012)   Introduction to Archetypal Dreamwork, Atlanta, GA

(2012)   Interview, Music and Archetypal Dreamwork, WDGR Radio, Plainfield, Vermont

(2012)   Guest Performer: Music and Archetypal Dreamwork Concert, Lyme, New Hampshire

(2012)   Music and Archetypal Dreamwork: Chewstick Retreat, Paget Island, Bermuda

(2013)   Archetypal Lessons from Beasts of the Southern Wild, Decatur, GA

(2013)   Implications of Archetypal Dreamwork for Healing Trauma, Baltimore, MD

(2013)   Interview, Trauma and Archetypal Dreamwork, WUTL Radio, New Orleans, LA


(1996)         Musical Change and Continuity in Northern Ethiopian Vocal Music, Addis Ababa, Axum, and Lalibela, Ethiopia

(2000-01)   Bamara and Dogon Music, Healing and Traditional Culture, Mali, West Africa

(2004)         Theravadin Buddhist Meditation, Santa Fe, New Mexico

(2008)         Sound Healing, Santa Fe, New Mexico

(2008)         “Language, Consciousness and Healing” Seminar led by Apela Colorado and Yacine Kouyate, Oakland, California

(2009)         “Indigenous Culture and Healing” Seminar led by Apela Colorado with Traditional Elders, Maui, Hawai’i

(2010)         “Music for Social Change” led by Ysaye Barnwell (Sweet Honey in the Rock), Highlands, NC

(2010)         McIntosh County Shouters Ringshout: An African American Tradition, Eulonia, Georgia

(2011)         “African Singing” led by Fred Onovwerosuoke, Pine Lake, Georgia

(2011)         Traditional Medicine, Spirituality and Culture, Benin and Toga, West Africa

(2006 – )      Yoruba: Cosmology and Spirituality in the American and Caribbean Diaspora


Perennial Gardening

Genealogy and Ancestral Wisdom

Traditional African Spirituality, Cosmology and Myth


Children:  one adult son


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