What is Archetypal Dreamwork?

Archetypal Dreamwork is rooted in the work of Carl Jung expressed in The Red Book and ancient traditions upon which he drew. It offers the opportunity to begin a conversation with our soul through the experiences and feelings of our dreams.  Archetypal dreams come from the divine realm in ways that are uniquely relevant to the dreamer, and each one has a specific intention or message. Sometimes they are intense and confrontational, sometimes quirky and funny, and sometimes loving beyond anything we have felt in our waking lives . . . archetypal dreams come to heal, and ask that we look into dark corners, where both love and terror hide. They challenge our ideas about who we are and help us explore who we are not . . . but have believed ourselves to be.  Archetypal Dreamwork is a journey that requires desire, curiosity and a willingness to face into the unknown with the potential for lasting change.  If we let them, our dreams will guide us to the home of our soul, the part of us most deeply and passionately related to the Most High.

Lilium Hemerocallis - "Isle of Dreams"
Lilium Hemerocallis – “Isle of Dreams”

2 thoughts on “What is Archetypal Dreamwork?

  1. Cheptu, I’m so excited to see your page. My experience with archetypal dreamwork under your guidance has been so helpful. I’m looking for to reading more! Be blessed. Inger

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